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Nirala Series-- Checklist

Nirala Series
A Series of Contemporary Writing

Annapurna & Stains of Blood
Life, travels Writing on a page of snow
Yuyutsu R D Sharma
ISBN 81-8250- 012-5 2010 Hard pp.200 Rs. 195

The Price of Heaven
Travel Stories from India and Nepal
Evald Flisar
Translated from Slovene
 by the Author & Alan McConnel-Duff
ISBN 81-8250- 020-6 2009 Paper pp.200 Rs. 195

Baghdad, February 1991
&Other Poems
Ronny Someck
Translated into Nepali by Yuyutsu RD Sharma
ISBN 81-8250- 018-4 2009 Hard pp.200 Rs. 250

Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti
Collected by Shiva Dhakal
Adapted by Yuyutsu RD Sharma
ISBN 81-8250-002-0 2009 Paper pp.125 Rs. 195

Trance, Initiation & Psychotherapy in Nepalese Shamanism
Essays on Tamang and Tibetan Shamanism
Larry G.Peters
ISBN 81-85693-79-X 2004 Hard pp.412 Rs. 595

Tamang Shamans
An Ethnopsychiatric Study of Ecstasy and Healing in Nepal
Larry G. Peters
ISBN 81-8250-009-5 2007 Paper pp.179 Rs. 295

The Yeti
Spirit of Himalayan Forest Shamans
Larry G. Peters
ISBN 81-85693-57-9 2004 Hard pp.128 Rs. 250

Ocean in a Drop
Yoga, Meditation and Life in the Himalayas
Swami Chandresh
ISBN 81-8250- 005-2 2006 Hard pp.348 Rs. 495

Maoists in the Land of Buddha
An Analytical Study of the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal
Prakash A. Raj
ISBN 81-85693-42-0 2004 Hard pp.210 Rs. 395

Rana Rule in Nepal
Shaphalya Amatya
ISBN 81-85693-67-6 2004 Hard pp.408 Rs. 695

The Gurkha Connection
A History of Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army
Purushottam Baskota
ISBN 81-85693-77-3 2009 Paper pp.221 Rs. 195

Dolpo :The Hidden Paradise
A Journey to the Endangered Sanctuary of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
Karna Sakya
ISBN 81-85693-73-0 2006 Paper pp.246 Rs. 295

Malla Coins of Medieval Nepal
Jagdish Chandra Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-60-9 2009 Hard Rs. 295

The Dhimals: Miraculous Migrants of Himal
An Anthropological Study of a Nepalese Ethnic Group
Rishikeshab Raj Regmi
ISBN 81-8250-009-7 1991 Hard pp.269 Rs. 195

The Gurungs: Thunder of Himal
A Cross-Cultural Study of a Nepalese Ethnic Group
Murari P. Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-49-8 2002 Paper pp.238 Rs. 295

The Gurkhas
A History of the Recruitment in the British Indian Army
Kamal Raj Singh Rathaur
ISBN 81-85693-85-4 2000 Paper pp.128 Rs. 195

The Political Economy of Land,
Landlessness and Migration in Nepal
Nanda R. Shrestha
ISBN 81-85693-87-0 2001 Hard pp.309 Rs. 450

Tourism in Nepal
Marketing Challenges
Hari Prasad Shrestha
ISBN 81-85693-69-2 2000 Hard pp.399 Rs. 495

Ethnic Conflict in Bhutan
Political and Economic Dimensions
Mathew Joseph C.
ISBN 81-85693-68-4 1999 Hard pp.251 Rs. 395

Mountain Dimensions
An Altitude Geographic Analysis
 of Environment and Development of the Himalayas
Ram Kumar Pandey
ISBN 81-85693-43-9 1999 pp.260 Hard Rs. 350

Wildlife in Nepal
Rishikesh Shaha & Richard M. Mitchell
With Color Plates by Nanda Shumsher J.B. Rana
ISBN 81-85693-31-5 2001 Paper pp.142 Rs. 250

Nepal: Missing Elements in the Development Thinking
Gunanidhi Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-66-8 2000 Hard pp.282 Rs. 295

Recent Nepal
An Analysis of Recent Democratic Upsurge and its Aftermath
Laksman Bhadur K.C.
ISBN 81-85693-24-2 1993 Hard pp.242 Rs. 295

Making of Modern Nepal
A Study of History, Art and Culture of the Principalities of Western Nepal
Ram Niwas Pandey
ISBN 81-85693-37-4 1997 Hard pp.816 Rs. 795

Politics and Development in Nepal:
Some Issues
Narayan Khadka
ISBN 81-85693-21-8 1994 Hard pp.477 Rs. 450

Hindu-Buddhist Festival of Nepal
Hemant Kumar Jha
ISBN 81-85693-40-4 1996 Hard pp.117 Rs. 195

Art and Culture of Nepal
An Attempt towards Preservation
Saphalya Amatya
ISBN 81-85693-63-3 1999 Hard pp.282 Rs. 295

Popular Deities, Emblems and Images of Nepal
Dhruba Krishna Deep
ISBN 81-85693-39-0 2003 Paper pp.180 Rs. 150

Vishwarupa Mandir
A study of Changu Narayan, Nepal’s most Ancient Temple
Jeff Lidke
ISBN 81-85693-59-3 2000 Hard pp.213 Rs. 1495

Religious Minorities in Nepal
An Analysis of the State of Buddhists & Muslims in the Himalayan Kingdom
Mollica Dostider
ISBN 81-85693-47-1 1996 Hard pp.213 Rs. 185

Human Rights in Hindu Buddhist Traditions
Lal Deosa Rai
ISBN 81-85693-63-3 1995 Hard pp.188 Rs. 250

Fire of Himal
An Anthropological Study of the Sherpas of the Nepal Himalayan Region
Ramesh Raj Kunwar
ISBN 81-85693-64-1 1999 paper pp.314 Rs. 295

The Khasa Kingdom
A Trans-Himalayan Empire of the Middle Ages
Surya Mani Adhikary
ISBN 81-85693-50-1 1997 Paper pp.215 Rs. 250

A Concise History of the Cultural Scenario of the Himalayan Kingdom
Jagdish Shumsher Rana
ISBN 81-85693-24-2 1993 Hard pp.242 Rs. 295

Bhutan: A Movement in Exile
JD.N. S. Dhakal & Christopher Strawn
ISBN 81-8250-001-2 2009 Paper pp.242 Rs. 395

Encounter Wildlife in Nepal
Karna Sakya
ISBN 81-85693-38-2 1993 Hard pp.296 Rs. 495

Democracy in the Making of Mutual Trust
Dinesh Bhattarai & Pradip Khatiwada
ISBN 81-85693-36-6 1993 Hard pp.324 Rs. 295

The Himalayan Mind
A  Cross-cultural Nepalese Investigation
Murari P Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-29-3 1997 Hard pp.240 Rs. 250

Kathmandu Patan & Bhaktapur
An Archaeological Anthropology of the Royal Cities of the Kathmandu Valley
Rishikeshab Raj Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-30-7 1997 Hard pp.111 Rs. 250

 A Glossary of Himalayan Buddhism
Jagdish Chandra Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-28-5 1994 Hard pp.212 Rs. 250

The Nepalala-Mahatmya
Legends on the Sacred Places and Deities of Nepal
Jairaj Acharya
ISBN 81-85693-27-7 1992 Hard pp.320 Rs. 400

Cultural Heritage of Nepal Terai
Ram Dayal Rakesh
ISBN 81-85693-26-9 1994 Hard pp.240 Rs. 250

The Nepali Congress
An Analysis of the Party’s Performance in the General Elections and its Aftermath
B.C. Upreti
ISBN 81-85693-33-1 1993 Hard pp.203 Rs. 295

Folk Tales from  Mithila
Ram Dayal Rakesh
ISBN 81-85693-55-2 1996 Hard pp.126 Rs. 195

Gods and Mountains
The Folk Culture of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
Kesar Lal
ISBN 81-85693-12-9 1993 Hard pp.176 Rs. 200

Indo-Nepal Trade Relations
A Historical Analysis of Nepal’s Trade with the British India
Shri Ram Upadhyaya
ISBN 81-85693-20-X 1992 pp.287 Rs. 350

Secrets of Shangri-La
An Inquiry into the Lore, Legend and Culture of Nepal
Nagendra Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-18-8 1992 pp.292 Rs. 250

The Taming of Tibet
A Historical Account of Compromise and Confrontation
in Nepal-Tibet Relations (1900-1930)
Tirtha Prasad Mishra
ISBN 81-85693-16-1 1991 pp.324 Rs. 300

Glimpses of Tourism, Airlines and Management in Nepal
B.R. Singh
ISBN 81-85693-15-3 1991 pp.128 Rs.125

Sales Promotion in Nepal
Policies and Practices
Parashar Prasad Koirala
ISBN 81-85693-14-5 1991 pp.196 Rs. 225

Transit of Land Locked Countries and Nepal
Gajendra Mani Pradhan
ISBN 81-85693-08-0 1990 pp.240 225

Fundamentals of Library and Information Science
A Nepalese Response
Madhusudan Sharma Subedi
ISBN 81-85693-07-4 1990 pp.229 Rs. 225

Folk Culture of Nepal
An Analytical Study
Ram Dayal Rakesh
ISBN 81-85693-06-4 1990 Hard pp.129 Rs. 100

A Macro-economic Study of the Nepalese Plan Performance
Gunanidhi Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-06-4 1989 pp.129 Rs. 100

Sources of Inflation in Asia
Theory and Evidences
Raghab D. Pant
ISBN 81-85693-03-X 1988 Hard pp.118 Rs.100

New Directions in Nepal- India Relations
Rishikesh Shaha
ISBN 81-85693-53-6 1995 Paper pp.59 Rs. 65


Annapurna Poems
Yuyutsu RD Sharma
ISBN 81-8250-013-5 2008 Hard pp.150  Rs. 295

After Tagore
Poems Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore
David Ray
ISBN 81-8250-007-9 2007 Hard pp. 115 Rs. 295

Hunger of Our Huddled Huts
 & Other Poems
Yuyutsu R.D.
ISBN 81-85693-80-3 2007 pp.65 Rs. 95

Poems Selected and New (An English/Nepali Bilingual Edition)
Cathal O Searcaigh
Translated from the Gaelic by Seamus Heaney,
 John Montague and others
Translated into the Nepali by Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
ISBN 81-8250-006-0 2006 Hard pp. 105 Rs. 250

The Lake Fewa & a Horse
Poems New
Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-34-X 2005 Paper pp. 108 Rs. 125

Muna Madan
A Play in the Jhyaure Folk Tradition
Laxmi P. Devkota
Translated from the Nepali by Anand P. Shrestha
ISBN 81-85693-94-3 2000 pp.65 Rs. 85

Fever (Short Stories)
Sita Pandey
Translated from the Nepali
ISBN 81-85693-93-5 2001 Paper pp.96 Rs. 95

Says Meera
An Anthology of Devotional Songs of Meera,
India’s Greatest Woman Poet
Translated from the Hindi by Vijay Munshi
ISBN 81-85693-96-X 2001 Paper pp.76 Rs. 195

Some Female Yeti & other Poems
Yuyutsu R.D.
ISBN 81-8250-010-9 2007 pp.68 Rs. 95

In the City of Partridges (Poems)
Jagdish Chatturvedi
ISBN 81-85693-99-4 2004 Paper pp.90 Rs. 95

Roaring Recitals: Five Nepali Poets
Gopal Prasad Rimal, Bhupi Sherchan, Shailendra & Others
Translated from the Nepali by
Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-95-1 1999 Hard pp.99 Rs. 150

Summer Rain
Three Decades of Poetry
K. Satchidanandan
ISBN 81-85693-90-0 1995 Paper pp.188 Rs. 150

Sheet of Snow
An Anthology of Stories from the Himalayas
Translated from the Nepali by Nagendra Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-61-7 1997 paper pp.125 Rs. 95

Dispossessed Nests: The 1984 Poems
Jayanta Mahapatra
ISBN 81-85693-74-9 1986 pp.69 Paper Rs. 150

To the Battlefield on an Elephant
Columns of Fire
Tara Nath Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-44-7 1999 pp.164 paper Rs. 195

The Change
A Novel based on the 1990 Democratic Upsurge in Nepal
Rishikeshab Raj Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-62-5 2001 pp.125 Rs. 95

Blackout (A Novel)
Tara Nath Sharma
Translated from the Nepali by Larry Hartsell
ISBN 81-85693-82-X 1990 pp.122  Rs. 100

Elysium in the Halls of Hell
Poems about India David Ray
ISBN 81-85693-84-6 1991 pp.160 Rs. 125

A Prayer in Daylight (Poems)
Yuyutsu R.D.
ISBN 81-85693-72-2 1984 paper pp.68 Rs. 95

Dying in Rajasthan (Short Stories)
Ramanand Rathi
ISBN 81-85693-71-4 1985 pp.62 Rs. 95

The Black Sun (A Novel)
Bharat Jungam
ISBN 81-85693-84-6 1985 pp.78 Rs. 125


Panaharu Khalichan : Kavitaka Dui Dashak (Poems)
Yuyustu R.D. Sharma
Hard (Forthcoming)
ISBN 81-8250-004-4 2007 Paper pp. 102 Rs. 150

Pashushala (Animal Farm) (A Novel)
Georege Orwell
Translated from the English by Bijuli Prasad Kayast
ISBN 81-8250-000-1 2004 Paper pp.96 Rs. 95

Nepalko Prajatantrik Andolan Ko Itihas                                    
Surya Mani Adhikary
ISBN 81-85693-54-4 1998 Paper pp.468 Rs. 295

Geetajanjali (Nepali)
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Translated from the Bengali by
 Ramesh Bhatta & Pashupati Neopane
ISBN 81-85693-83-8 2000 Paper pp.125 Rs. 95

Sarpahoru Geet Sundainan
Poems by Shailendra Sakar
ISBN 81-85693-97-8 1991 Hard pp.108 Rs. 95

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