Sunday, January 9, 2011

Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti
-- New Edition

Cover of: Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti by Shwa Dhakal

Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti

Collected by Shiva Dhakal
Adapted into Nepali by Yuyutsu RD Sharma
ISBN 81-8250-002-0 2009. Paper pp.125. Rs. 195.
Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti reveals the drama of primitive human mind enacted on Himal’s glacial heights.
The book is the result of Shiva Dhakal’s trek to Rolwaling and Khumbu. Creatively exploring the intricacy of human relationships, Shiva Dhakal offers a dazzling diadem of twelve folk tales.
Employing his master skill of story telling, unlike fashionable folklorists, Mr. Dhakal evokes the elemental events that determine the working of a primitive psyche.
The incidents of raping of an innocent girl by the man-eater Yeti, of the seduction of an intimate friend’s wife, the tempting of an incarnate Lama by a young Sherpa maiden, the Strategy of annihilating Yetis of the world, the birth of mountains out of guilty lovers, and the duel between the wind and the fog reveal the basic working pattern of a primitive mind.
To read the Folktales of Sherpa and Yeti is to know the hidden hunger of much misunderstood and glamorized Sherpa mind.
The book is an excellent contribution to the Sherpa culture and Ethnology. Dhakal deserves congratulations on his arduous undertaking involving mountain trekking and his successful recapitulation of these tales in a very simple and clear-cut style …” – Dr. Murari P. Regmi

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